Compiling your map

Compiling is quite simple. To do this, Fragsurf uses Unity's Asset Bundle feature to build a scene into a bundle that can then be loaded in-game. All you need to do is open the scene you wish to compile, go to Fragsurf -> Build Utility, and hit Build. There are two things to note when building your map:

  1. Make sure you save your scene first. If you don't, you might be greeted with an error.
  2. The first time you build a scene will be a bit slow as it needs to compile shaders.

To make your map visible in-game under a certain category, move it to the Fragsurf content folder Fragsurf_Data/StreamingAssets/Content/Maps and make sure one of the following prefixes is included in the file name:

  1. Speedrun: _fss_ i.e. bhop_fss_eazy
  2. Tricksurf: _fst_ i.e. surf_fst_skyworld
  3. Combat: _fsc_ i.e. bhop_fsc_bigloop

After compiling your map to the Fragsurf map folder for the first time, restart the game for it to appear in the main menu.