Setting up the map editor

Getting set up for creating Fragsurf content is a bit of a pain, but once you're set up the tools are quite powerful. Fragsurf maps are created inside the Unity editor and exported as packages that can be loaded by the game at runtime. To begin, we need to download Unity Hub and select a version of Unity that we will use to create a mapping project in.

Head over to Unity's official website and click the button to download Unity Hub.

After you have Unity Hub downloaded and installed, use it to download and install an instance of the Unity Editor. Fragsurf is developed on the unity 2020.2 alpha branch. When 2020.2 leaves alpha it is likely we will stay on 2020.2 for the sake of compatibility and not having anything break in the future. In Unity Hub, go to the Installs tab and intall the latest 2020.2 pre-release (currently 2020.2.0a17).

Once your editor is downloaded and installed, use the Unity Hub to create a new project. You can name it whatever you please.

When the project is created and open in the Unity Editor navigate to Unity's package manager and import the Fragsurf editor package from git url. Here is the url:

Note Importing the package this way requires git to be installed on your pc. More information here - alternatively, download the package from github manually and drag and drop it into your Unity project. More details on this will be described later.

After adding the package, Unity will take a few minutes to process but will eventually begin installing the package and its dependencies. Wait until this is finished, it may appear as if nothing is happening for the first minute or so (this is a bug, waiting on Unity to fix it).

Your project is now set up to begin creating maps for Fragsurf. Click here to learn how to create your first map.